A whole lot of us have a case of the Mondays.

A sociologist at U-C Berkeley, Dr. Christine Carter, recently partnered with Hampton Hotels for a survey on when people are happiest and when they're most stressed out.

Not surprisingly, Mondays are stressful and weekends make people happy.

What we can learn from this is how to inject some of that weekend state of mind into our 9-to-5 lives.

"We can have a little bit of Saturday on Wednesday night for example, and make pancakes for dinner," Dr. Carter suggests.

Before the dreaded Monday morning arrives, make a list of things to do and decide when you'll do them.

"You don't actually have to get them done," Carter says. "You just have to tell your brain when you're going to do it, and that reduces a lot of anxiety."

Dr. Carter says we're happiest when we take multiple mini-vacations, like three-day weekends, rather than fewer extended holidays.

Don't forget about mini-breaks throughout the work day.

Experts say even a few minutes of walking or deep breaths of fresh air can do wonders.

The survey also reveals the number one guilty pleasure weekend activity is simply doing nothing at all.

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