Well, I’m sure glad this isn’t winter. Our ‘storm’ creeping up the Eastern Seaboard fell victim to a tenacious batch of dry air over New England. Obviously, the dry air won, but even where we managed to get a few drops of rain across Buzzards Bay, the Cape and the Islands, it was precious little that fell.

Last batches of rain are scooting offshore, but clearing is another matter. From the Pike north, we’re golden: sun from the get-go tomorrow, and serious warming into the mid/upper 70s! On the South Shore/Cape it’s another matter. Gentle (read fickle) northeast flow will make for thicker clouds and a slow return to sun. Plan on 60s there.

And make plans for a return to summer this weekend. Odd thing about this warmup: it doesn’t come with a lot of humidity. In fact, I expect sharp drops in temperature in the evening/overnight hours. As the drought deepens (now slipping to moderate drought in SE Mass.):

The ground/foliage is shutting off evapotranspiration (release of moisture from trees/groundcover/lawns to atmosphere), limiting the amount of humid air it imparts to the air. Combined with a relatively dry airmass, I liken it to a desert environment: big swings in overnight/daytime temperatures. It’s certainly feasible to start in the low 40s Sunday morning and finish near 82 or 83 in the suburbs. With the sun angle equivalent to mid March, that’s a HUGE feat.

So…any rain in sight? Nope. But I do have a cooldown early next week. Weather maps are flirting with a few showers, but I’m not taking the bait until I see puddles forming. For those with parched yards, woods, meadows, the waiting is the hardest part.


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