Humidity Pounces Again

Great setup over the last few days. Low on the humidity, high on the sun. Tough to beat that summer combo in New England.

But I'm here to tell you that the muggy air is on the move again…and it means business.

Humidity is now in the Great Lakes and Midwest. Heat Indices (combo of temperature and humidity) were enough to qualify as sweaty in some spots and oppressive in others. (Check the graphic at the right.) Some of that air is breaking off from the pack and heading northeast this weekend. 

Note I said "some". We're again on the fence to see 90+ degrees in the city. Winds could turn onshore in the afternoon on Sunday, keeping us in the upper 80s. But the point is really moot. The humidity will definitely make it feel like low 90s and you need to take it easy. 

Few things get to people on the weekend more than showers. When, where and why always seem to come up in discussion. When? Well mostly tomorrow morning, then drying/warming in the afternoon. Where? Just about everywhere, although favoring points north of Providence and Brockton. As for the whys, well, I never really know how to answer that.

So kickback and enjoy (as much as possible) your weekend. We have NASCAR at NHMS and the Foos at Fenway as the Broken Leg Tour rolls on.

I'll see you there in my most behaved state on Saturday.