NEWINGTON, Conn. (WHDH) — When customers showed up at a Newington Starbucks on Berlin Turnpike this Christmas Eve the person ahead of them had already bought their coffees

“It was a nice surprise we were just going to get some drinks and go home,” Kaitlyn Willametz said.

Willametz, in turn, paid for the coffee of the person behind her.

“It means a lot people are still looking out for other people and being caring and bringing out the holiday spirit,” She said.

It all started at 8 a.m. when someone unexpectedly paid for the people behind them. The trend continued for 12 hours until the coffee shop closed.

“It feels so good it’s awesome. That's what Christmas is all about,” Willametz said.

The checklist shows 303 people paid it forward at the store, something both workers and customers tell us they've never seen before.

“It’s pretty great you think you’re going coffee and you end up doing a little bit more makes you feel good,” Jennie Gillespy, a customer, said.

This isn't the first time customers have been generous to complete strangers at the coffee chain.

Last month more than 50 customers paid it forward at a suburban Detroit Starbucks.

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