One of the hottest days of summer! Check out the highs to the right. Humidity was stifling too…so much so it seemed that the slightest twitch could set off the storms.

So we waited and waited all afternoon in Eastern Mass. And as of this typing, there wasn’t a storm around. They DID fire, however, in Western Mass. with an approaching cold front.

What we’re seeing is a classic example of right place, right time. Cool front sliced through Western and Northern New England during the heat of the day. Here in Central and Eastern Mass, the front will arrive after dark….when temps are cooling and the storm’s energy starts to wane.

So although the radar looks chocked full of rain and storms now in Western and Northern New England, the storms will weaken and the gaps between cells will widen.

Doesn’t mean we will be rain-free, however. This cool front will stall across Buzzards Bay and off Cape tomorrow, allowing the overnight storms to devolve into lighter, scattered showers. First part of the day is damp – esp. SE Mass. – but with a slight jog farther offshore, the afternoon will dry out and brighten up.

Now the weekend. It starts bright and warm, but the rain WILL catch up to us on Sunday. Not entirely washed out though. This is a speedy batch of rain/downpours. We’ll turn up the humidity after they zip through, and that should carry through the first part of the workweek.




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