‘I didn’t want my car to burn’: Driver fined $575 for tossing lit cigarette out window

(WHDH) — A police chief in Canada recently made a point to remind drivers around the world that tossing lit cigarettes out of car windows will not be tolerated.

Victoria Police Chief Del Manak shared a photo of a $575 citation that he issued after watching a man flick a burning butt from his car last week.

In a tweet, the chief wrote, “575 reasons to not throw your lit cigarette out the car window in front of @vicpdcanada.”

When Del Manak stopped the driver on the highway, he allegedly pointed to his cup holder and said, “I didn’t want my car to burn.”

“Then don’t smoke in your car,” Del Manak simply said.

The ticket was issued under British Columbia’s Wildfire Act.


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