BOSTON (WHDH) - A fantasy football failure led to a duck boat tour to remember for Sam Coveney.

“I walk in and see 30 people looking back at me howling laughing,” Coveney said.

Coveney plays in a fantasy football league with friends he met at Boston College.

Coveney lost the league last season, and as punishment he had to ride a duck boat dressed as a duck four times. The trot around Boston was six hours long. 

“The added levels of public shame when you’re driving past all these people on the street and there’s a big giant duck head that made it a little funnier and a bit easier to swallow,” he said.

He traveled with a sign that read: “I duck at fantasy football.”

But Coveney said he wouldn’t let it ruffle his feathers.

“When the day came I was like, ‘I’m gonna have fun with this and get some people to smile and take photos with people that wanted,’” he said.

He’s just hoping he’ll play better this year. 

“When you have the prospect of public humiliation hanging over your head it makes you work a bit harder.”

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