COHASSET, MASS. (WHDH) - A pet owner in Cohasset had to fend off a pack of coyotes as they attacked his family’s dogs, killing one and seriously injuring another.

Jeff Pratt said he was going through his normal routine Saturday morning, bringing his family’s four dogs out of the house when it happened. Bella, a 9-year-old dog, needed to be carried and was the first to be let out when several coyotes emerged from the woods, according to Pratt.

“Down here, right on the grass… literally five feet away from my steps, turned around to go back and pick up the second senior dog, and by the time I turned around, three coyotes came from those woods, right up here, (and) grabbed Bella,” Pratt said.

While the coyotes dragged Bella towards the woods, four more emerged as another family dog, Sadie, ran out.

“Four more came and attacked her, so I had seven coyotes at one time,” Pratt explained. “I grabbed Sadie, and brought her back, and they still had Bella. I got Bella, and screaming and getting them away, the dogs were barking, they were howling.”

He said the family rushed the two dogs to the vet, but Bella did not make it.

“To lose a family member like that, so devastatingly brutal, is not a fun thing to go through,” he said.

Police in Cohasset said coyotes also attacked a man and his two dogs that same morning on the blue trail in Whitney Thayer Woods, resulting in the man going to the hospital for treatment.

Pratt said his family is now hoping the other dog who was mauled, Sadie, will pull through.

“She has a punctured lung, she’s got cracked ribs, she’s got several bite marks and teeth marks in the back of her,” he said.

He said he has lived in Cohasset for 30 years and never recalled coyote attacks being this bad. He added that he could not blame the coyotes, believing there are now so many, they have expanded beyond the part of town where they usually roam.

“Of course, I’m devastated that they killed my dog and maimed the other one, but just, something has to be done to keep it down a little bit,” he said.

In the meantime, town officials are warning residents to remain cautious as coyote encounters continue, with the wild animals likely entering hunting mode and searching for food ahead of the winter.

Similar attacks have also been reported in Wayland, Concord and Sudbury.

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