Love me some Patriots’ Day. I mentioned this last week that I always view today as the first day of spring here in New England and what a first day it has been. Granted, if you were one of the Jedi that ran 26.2 today it was a little warm but at least it wasn’t a repeat of 2012 when the temp soared to 87! That sea breeze kicked in right as temps were ready to take off but for most of us inside I-495 the sea breeze kept the numbers in the 50s & 60s for the afternoon…just about ideal for all the outdoor activities today.

Our string of dry weather takes just a brief break late tonight & tomorrow morning as a cool front drops in from Canada. Fronts that come from Canada usually lack the liquid firepower of weather systems coming out of the Gulf of Mexico so clouds are inbound late tonight but in terms of rain, likely just a few isolated showers for us. A few of these showers are with us for Tuesday morning but looks for skies to slowly clear during the day. Decent day once the shower threat fades after 10am. In terms of rainfall, most towns pick up less than .1" of rain. After a week of sunshine, getting more rain would have been nice but we’ll have to wait for our next shot of rain on Friday (also another front so no soaker here either). Between tomorrow & Friday is a couple of fine spring days…sunshine with seasonably mild temps each day.

Welcome to springtime in New England—-no other place I’d rather be.


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