WAYLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - Police are investigating after a Wayland police officer reportedly shot and killed a family’s dog while responding to a 911 call at their home on Concord Road Monday.

At around 11:20 a.m. Monday, a child in the home accidentally called 911 and hung up, according to officials. Police said in response to the hang-up, an officer was dispatched, and while speaking with the homeowner at the door, the dog ran loose out of the house, then bit the officer multiple times.

The officer shot his gun, fatally wounding the dog, before shooting again and killing him.

“Get me another car, a dog shot,” the officer said as he called for help after the incident. “I just shot a dog, need an ambulance for a dog bite, for myself, ASAP.”

Police said the dog’s owner was not nearby when the shooting occurred.

“I had a leash and I had a cookie, and I was coming out the door, next thing I hear, I heard boom boom boom!” one of the family members said. “And the dog was down on the ground.”

The family said Blaze was under 2 years old and was a Labrador mix, describing him as loyal and protective, but police said he was a pit bull mix.

“He’s always been really really good around my children, and grandchildren, a gentle dog,” the family said, adding that the dog is normally put in a crate when people come by.

Police said there had been complaints about the dog’s aggressive behavior. The family said the dog had bitten before, sending two people to the hospital including a delivery driver, though it is unclear how serious any of the injuries had been. The dog had been neutered as a result of the behavior and was going to get more training, according to the family.

“A person in New Hampshire that works with dogs, trains dogs and also gives him anxiety medicine, so we were trying really hard to do that for him,” the family said. “We just tried to do what we had to do. I mean, if it was more than a bite that he had done to someone, we would have gotten rid of him.”

Wayland Police said they consider this a “use of force incident,” and an investigation is ongoing.

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