WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (WPTV) — A Stuart, Fla. man who was bitten by two sharks in the Bahamas said Thursday he’s “thankful that I’m here” while sharing his story of survival.

Marlin Wakeman, 24, said the incident happened two weeks ago at a marina on Long Island in the southern Bahamas.

Wakeman was in low tide water at the marina trying to get on his boat when a shark suddenly bit him on the leg, including the knee cap.

“When I got bit, I was pulling myself back in. And he grabbed my leg — the first shark did — and pulled me underwater. Kind of scrambled for a second,” Wakeman said.

Wakeman said the shark — what he believes was a Caribbean reef shark — then let go and swam away. But as the young man tried to get back on his boat, a second shark struck, biting Wakeman on the shoulder.

“At that point, I had so much adrenaline going through my body. It was like a fight or flight kind of thing,” Wakeman said.

The boater was eventually able to get on his vessel and call for help. His injuries were so painful, Wakeman said he passed out in an ambulance on the way to a medical clinic in the Bahamas, where he was stitched up.

Wakeman, who was then flown to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach to continue his recovery, said the shark scare won’t stop him from returning to that exact spot in the Bahamas.

“As soon as I can, for sure,” Wakeman said. “I may have some nightmares here or there, but I’ll be alright.”

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