‘I was shocked’: A bill dispute leads to assault at a Salem restaurant

SALEM, MASS. (WHDH) - A restaurant manager is still in shock after being attacked by an enraged customer in Salem.

“I couldn’t believe that just happened,” Yan Lin said of the incident. “It was sudden, I was shocked.”

Lin is the manager of Koto Grill & Sushi on Washinton Street and said the woman first gave her server a hard time over an order of fried rice.

“When the food comes out she says, ‘I don’t want it, it isn’t worth $10,” Lin said.

The restaurant took the order off the bill and at checkout, Lin said she suggested the woman and her party of four still leave a tip for their server.

Lin said the customer responded saying, “She is like, ‘This is how you ask for tip? I’m not leaving anything for her.”

When she went to run the credit cards for the group, no tip was included but the woman ran up behind her, reached for the card, and tossed Lin against a wall.

The whole encounter was caught on a surveillance camera.

“She was being crazy,” Lin said. “I showed her transaction on the screen what the amount was.”

The manager has provided the surveillance footage of the incident and says she hopes the receipts the diners left behind will aid police in tracking them down.

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