How did you feel about yesterday’s arrival of winter?  I’ve seen many mixed-feelings posted all over social media.  It may not have been a lot of snow, but it did cause for a mess – and it was the first taste of winter for the season!  All of that wet, slushy stuff we were left with yesterday afternoon has become ice overnight.  Using a saying from one of my favorite movies, What About Bob?, use "baby steps" as you go on your merry way this morning.  While major roads have been cleared and treated, sidewalks and parking lots can be treacherous!  

Boston’s low of 25° is the coldest the city has been since March 24th (20°)!  You know what they say, "If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.  It will change."  Despite our tropical stay-cation for Christmas, winter is finally here.  Clouds stick around with us throughout the day today.  We can’t rule out the possibility of some drizzle and/or a quick snow shower or flurry.  It won’t amount to anything, but it could add insult to injury (please no injuries!!!) as far as our slick morning goes.  Just BE CAREFUL, whether your driving or walking!  A little bit of melting should happen this afternoon, as temps climb above freezing and top out in the mid to upper 30s (Boston, points N & W) and into the low to mid 40s (SE Mass).

Wet weather doesn’t move in until the overnight hours.  Showers spread over the area by midnight, but this time it is rain.  Not a lot of rain is expected, with totals somewhere between 0.10" and 0.25".  However, with temps N and W of 495 likely dropping below freezing again, we could have some areas that get freezing rain.  Remember, freezing rain is different from sleet – when we talk about freezing rain, we’re speaking to the glazing of ice that can end up on the roads and sidewalks.  A Freezing Rain Advisory is in effect for most of Worcester County and areas around Route 2 through 3am (see pic below).

We get a small boost in temperatures tomorrow, with highs in the low to mid 40s – but then we close the books on our mild December.  January 2016 looks to start of quiet – but COLD!  Have a great day.  – Breezy

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