A woman who survived a brutal double-shooting in Lexington, Mass. back in September is speaking out, describing what happened when shots rang out, as well as her own, intense recovery.

“Today’s not one of my better days, but, I’m here, I’m alive,” Michelle Broadnax said from a wheelchair, speaking with 7NEWS two months after she and her friend, Jodi Finnagan, were allegedly shot by Finnagan’s son on Sept. 29.

“I remember feeling a lot of heat and blood just instantly everywhere, and I remember his mother shouting ‘Oh my God, you shot her,’ Broadnax said.

Michelle said she was at Jodi Finnagan’s home and about to go on a walk when her friend’s son, 22-year-old Brent Roman-Finnagan, opened fire on the two women.

“He backed up – [Brent] shot me again,” she said. “And I remember saying ‘Please don’t shoot me no more’ – then he stood over me and he shot my leg out.”

Both women spent more than a month in hospitals. Michelle said she had a blood clot in her brain as well as kidney failure. Her spleen was also removed and her knee replaced.

“I just remember looking under the cover one day and just being in complete shock and just screaming and crying, not knowing what happened to my body,” she recounted.

Before the shooting, Broadnax worked as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and said she couldn’t believe that she got caught in the middle of that type of attack.

With Brent remaining in jail, she said that as she recovers, she recently reconnected with his mother.

“We cried and that was kind of that – we don’t really talk about it. We’re more concerned about each other’s health,” she said.

Broadnax added that as she continues to undergo intensive physical therapy, her life has changed forever.

“If anybody ever wants to hurt me now, what can I do? I no longer have the ability to take care of myself,” she told 7NEWS.

Broadnax emphasized that she wants Roman-Finnagan to remain behind bars. 7NEWS reached out to the suspect’s attorney, who told the news station that the case will all play out in court, with the public getting a fuller understanding of what happened.

A GoFundMe account for Michelle Broadnax can be found here.

A GoFundMe campaign for Jodi Finnagan can be found here.

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