In The Clouds

So many signs of fall around us….changing leaves….pumpkin latte…butternut squash risotto (had some last night!) and a weakening sun. Yup, that sun is with us–just like every other day–but it’s strongest in summer & weakest in winter. This time of year you can see signs of it weakening (side bar—technically, it’s outputting the same solar radiation every day but Earth is constantly tilting on its axis leading to various rates of incoming solar radiation throughout the year) with dwindling daylight and the longer it takes for morning low clouds/fog to burn off.

We have low clouds/fog right now & if this were back in late June, that sun would torch that low level moisture by 8am but this time of year it takes much longer & today is no different as some cities/towns will have low clouds/fog into late morning–perhaps even early afternoon. Despite the variable cloudiness it’s still a nice late summer day with daytime temps reaching the low 70s later today.

Tomorrow features more clouds that won’t burn off because our next cool front marches through the region. This front will even spark an isolated shower or two by afternoon (no washout). Despite more clouds & isolated showers, our temps will surge into the upper 70s and it will be humid once again. No building heat or humidity this time as the front quickly sweeps offshore by early Friday allowing dry, crisp air to return to the region.