A five-month-old infant has died after she and her mother were struck by a car in Roxbury Thursday night. 

The pair were struck on Humboldt Avenue, according to police. 

The mother and her child were taken to a hospital. 

The mother was carrying her 5-month-old daughter as she was crossing the street when a car struck her, police said. 

The car stopped at the scene. 

Laticia and Lanaii Tolentino said they heard a screeching sound outside of their Roxbury home on Thursday night and went outside to see what had happened. 

"It was just pandemonium, like people out there yelling," Laticia said. 

They found the mother, carrying her baby girl on her chest, had been hit by a car. 

"You can’t get caught in it, you can’t get lost in it, you have to figure out how you can help," Laticia said. 

Laticia took off her winter jacket and put the baby down on it. Lanaii said she then began CPR. 

"I unzipped her fleece a little bit and just began compressions on her and that point she took three gasps of breath and you kind of step back for two seconds and you’re like, ‘Okay,’" Lanaii said. 

The sisters said around 40 people  in the community rushed to the scene, including the driver involved in the crash. 

Lanaii, a mother herself, said she responded how she would want someone to if he son was in the same situation. The women said that while they are praying for the victims, they said anyone who witnessed the crash could never be the same. 

"Worst case scenario people take things more seriously, start to watch how they move, how they drive, pay attention, they help, they care, they learn, they make an impact," Laticia said.

The mother is expected to be okay.

Police are investigating the crash. 

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