Remember the days (early in January) when we were wondering where all the snow was?  Now we’re wondering where we’re going to put MORE snow!  With the forecast of widespread 8-14″ of snow this Monday, we could pick up an entire season’s-worth of snow in less than two weeks.

Enjoy tomorrow. Sunday will be a GREAT winter day, with early sunshine and temps in the mid 20s.  The very gusty winds we had to endure on Saturday will become a light breeze for Sunday.  This is the calm before the storm.

The snow will spread across the area in the early hours of Monday morning.  While this storm will be “one and done,” wrapping up late on Monday, it will do its damage within a 12 hour period.  Snow will be steady through the day, and at times very heavy.  We’re expecting snowfall rates of 1″ per hour.  You can do the math on your own and see how most of us will get up to the 1 foot mark.

Here’s the good news:  This isn’t like the blizzard we suffered through last week.  Here’s the bad news:  We are expecting bouts of blizzard-like conditions with this storm.  Times of blowing and drifting snow are likely and many areas will experience white-out conditions.  Winds will intensify late-day Monday, gusting between 35-50mph, especially along the Cape.  We do get a punch with the winds again, but only minor coastal flooding is expected at this time.

The exact track of the low is still a little tricky to pin down.  The only difference this will make is how far north we’ll see rain drops mixing with snow.  For now, it looks like the mixing will stay south of Route 44, making for snowfall totals of 4-8″ south of that mark.  The rest of Massachusetts is in the widespread range of 8-14″ of very fluffy snow.

Again, tomorrow looks like a wonderful (bright but cold) day.  Get out and enjoy before the Super Bowl, and once your TV lands on 7News keep it there through Monday for the latest on this storm.  We’ll all be here!  Go Pats!!!

– Bri

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