Internet strangers save lost lullaby

ST. GEORGE, Utah (NBC) — It was supposed to be the best day of their lives.

Utah residents Jared and Sharry Buhanan-Decker were getting ready to have their first baby after nine years of marriage but after an emergency caesarean section in June, Sharry passed away at the hospital.

The new father was left to take care of baby JJ on his own.

“It didn’t feel like home without Sharry. My home has always been wherever Sharry was, and she wasn’t there,” Buhanan-Decker said.

Buhanan-Decker said it took months for his new reality to set in. For the sake of his new son, he tried to keep his wife’s memory alive.

“Anything that has her voice whether it’s music, recordings or writing in a journal, I just desperately searched after,” Buhanan-Decker said. “It helps me and JJ connect with her.”

Which is why when he came across old files of his wife singing on her computer, he knew it was a gift from above. The only problem: he couldn’t play them.

“I tried opening them and I did Google searches ‘how to open the files’ and none of that worked,” Buhanan-Decker said.

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