Investigation underway after 2 cars found torched in South Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - Police have launched an investigation after two cars in South Boston went up in flames early Tuesday morning.

A burned-out Honda sedan and Jeep were found within one block of each other and both blazes were set less than an hour apart, according to investigators.

Firefighters say the gutted Honda was discovered near the South Boston Educational Complex, while the charred Jeep was located on Thomas Park near National Street.

“It’s unusual to have two fires in Southie. That hasn’t happened in a long time,” a neighborhood resident said.

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Another resident added, “On the surface of it, it’s almost like it’s a plan of some type.”

“I think someone’s got a vendetta if you’re lighting two cars on fire,” said resident Connor Jennings. “I’ve been in Southie my whole life, this is the first time I’ve heard about cars getting torched in my neighborhood.”

The heat from one of the fires melted the plastic off of the frontend of an SUV that was parked nearby.

There were no reported injuries.

Sources told 7NEWS that the fires are believed to be suspicious.

Anyone with information on the fires is urged to contact the Boston Fire Department.

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