Investigators discuss recovery operation of El Faro data recorder

Search crews on Thursday discussed their efforts to recover the data recorder from the sunken ship El Faro. 

The cargo ship sank last fall 40 miles off of the Bahamas, killing everyone on board. 

The team of investigators had to search through 15,000 feet of water. 

Now, they are talking about the next step. 

Investigators said locating the data recorder was like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Investigators from the NTSB found the recorder on April 26 and have spent time photographing the area to come up with a plan on how to recover it. 

The team will go back to the location at a future date to retrieve it off the bottom of the ocean. 

They hope the data recorder will give them navigation information from the ship and audio recording of the last 12 hours before the ship sank. 

Investigators said the recorder appeared to be unharmed when they located it but said it will still be a difficult mission to recover it. 

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