Iowa woman accused of trying to hit police chief with car

BOONE, Iowa (WHDH) — Three people were arrested after police said a woman tried to run a police chief over with her car, leading to a chase.

Boone Police Chief John Weibold was seen on dashcam video and body camera trying to stop the suspect, who allegedly had drugs in her car and had a warrant out for her arrest. Police said the driver, Erica Shales, ran her car into Weibold before speeding off.

Weibold got back up to the chase the car. After eluding police, Shales allegedly ditched the car and she and her two passengers tried to flee on foot. The two passengers surrendered and police said they caught Shales after she ran away.

Wiebold suffered minor injuries. Shales now faces several charges, including assault on a poilce officer with a deadly weapon.

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