Is This It?

I’m almost afraid to bring this up as I could be jinxing us but I wonder if the snowfall map I posted over in our maps section of the website (titled *special* map) will be the last one until the end of this year. The normal monthly snowfall in March for Boston is around 8" with most of that happening before St. Paddy’s Day so we still have some time to go but the long range maps are loaded with warmth. We just have to get through a few more chilly days and one pesky storm.

The storm actually becomes a powerhouse beast tomorrow as it exits the North Carolina coastline but thankfully High Pressure (the same High Pressure that gave us the sunshine today) blocks that storm from pummeling us with heavy snow. Yay. The storm will only be able to produce some patchy light snow tomorrow afternoon & evening. Coastal locations as well as the Cape/Islands will see these patches of snow. farther inland, you see a bunch of clouds and a little sun. In terms of the snow potential–that *special* map details who is getting what but essentially its a coating along the coast with perhaps 1-3" along the South Coast/Cape/Islands. The storm will generate some wind late in the day, a times gusting over 30mph along the coast & perhaps as high as 45 mph on the Cape/Islands.

The storm is gone by the weekend but we still have a little leftover chill in the air despite a fair amount of sunshine. Temps both Saturday & Sunday reach 40–actually pretty close to normal this time of year but what is coming is nothing short of spectacular…

…..By early next week, a nice well developed bubble of warm air surges into New England sending temps skyward. We’re no talking 50 #BeenThereDoneThat…no, we’re talking 60s & perhaps even the 70s if everything falls into place. Of course, you folks along the coast, will be prone to some chilly sea breezes (especially on Tuesday) but it’s the annual right of passage into late spring/summer…..and it looks like that gets under way much earlier this year compared to the past two!