‘It was like a hockey rink’: 55 vehicles involved in massive crash on Route 128

WAKEFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - A massive pile-up crash Wednesday involving dozens of vehicles, including tractor-trailer trucks, shut down Route 128 northbound in Wakefield during the morning commute.

Crews responded around 6 a.m. to the stretch of highway near Exit 39. State police said 55 vehicles were involved in the crash and that icy road conditions were to blame.

“It was like a hockey rink,” said Chris Murphy. “I saw the cars in front of me starting to slide, I slowed down and then somebody hit me from behind. I slid like a hockey puck into the people in front of me.”

Some cars had only minor damage, while damage to other vehicles was more serious. Thirty cars in total were towed from the highway.

“All you could hear was boom, boom, bang,” Murphy said. “I got out of my truck and ran to the side because I didn’t know what was coming next.”

Crews worked non-stop for several hours to clear the wrecked vehicles.

“From what I was told by the people, they came over the hill, saw the breaks and slid right into each other. Chain effect,” said Sean Geary, a tow truck driver who was called to the scene.

State police said several people were injured, but not seriously.

“It was just crazy. It was like nobody treated the roads. It was a sheet of ice,” Murphy said.

The highway was opened around 9 a.m.

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