While it’s not a tale of two cities, it is a tale of two winter patterns around here as the Arctic Air and snow has now a full grasp on New England.  Mother Nature’s snow guns have been blasting away and will continue to blast away over the next several days.  In terms of snow amounts in the last two weeks, narrow streets, hidden sidewalks, and round the clock work by snow removal crews, it has been the worst of times.  The best of times?… How about that Pats parade?  Also, the ski areas are loving this, and the kids have of plenty of snow for those sledding hills. 

We’ll add more snow this morning, not a lot, but enough to create some slippery travel for the morning commute.  The most snow falls northwest of Boston with 1-3″ from Northeast Mass, through Worcester County, into Southern New Hampshire (Locally 4-5″ in northern Worcester County).  Inside 95 to the city of Boston and down into Southeast Mass, we’ll pick up an inch or so.  Temps are near or above freezing this morning with patchy black ice and with temps crashing through the day, expect more slush and water to re-freeze.  Add in the additional falling snow, and we’ll need to be careful on the roads and sidewalks.

Bitter air pours in this evening and overnight with temps crashing toward 0 and wind chills down to -20!

Long Duration Snow Ahead

-Arctic front brings snow showers, 1-2″ on Saturday midday and afternoon
-Front gets stuck just to our south, another wave of moisture adds several more inches Sunday
-Low pressure tries to develop along the front Monday, keeping the light to moderate snow going at least several more inches possible Monday
-Snow finally tapers off Tuesday morning
-Storm is all snow, and favors a fluff factor with temps in the lower teens inland to lower to mid 20s coast

We’ll keep you updated through the weekend.

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