It’s been a while.

As of late, our water budget has subsisted of convective precipitation, a term we meteorologists use for thunderstorms – or more specifically, scattered rain. This has created our own little water war across the Commonwealth. Storms have favored the North Shore and the Merrimack Valley over the past few months, bypassing the South Shore/Cape/Islands. There has even been some “rain envy” implied in recent emails from viewers. “Why is it storms favor the North Shore more than the South?” an anonymous viewer complained. Another one wanted to know why “I always mention the North Shore when it rains.” I’ll let you answer that one.

So now as we face the first coastal storm in…um…lemme look…months?! Could it be months? Yep. According to my records, the last coastal storm (aside from T.S. Arthur on the 4th of July) was on the 27th of April, AND it wasn’t even a direct hit. For the last direct hit, you would have to go back to the 30th of March! Our weather systems of late have

This is no spring storm, but it is the first widespread, gentle rain of the season, and one that is certainly welcomed by all. Projections of amounts vary depending on which model you use, but I’ve put my projections in the map to the right. The amounts aren’t a panacea in this drought, but it’s a start.

Or is it? Oddly, we revert back to the same old pattern we’ve been accustomed to for the weekend and beyond. Sun returns, along with mild afternoon and overnights. Moreover, next week is looking dry as a big high pressure system wards off the storms.

We’ll just have to wait and see what October holds.



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