Man that was numbing cold today. Sun stayed in the background, so we only managed upper teens for highs. Minus the wind, it was actually tolerable.

So let’s talk intolerable. Like Wednesday night intolerable. And Thursday morning outrageous.

Yes, it gets worse before it gets better. But it’s worth noting that it will get better. And after we make it through Thursday, the arctic air will be in retreat through the middle of the month. (Yes, I’m dropping hints at a January thaw.)

Meet the deets:

  • Arctic front passes after lunch tomorrow. Winds that we’ll quantify as “breezy” become gusty by afternoon and bitter after sunset. Any squalls with the arctic front could produce a quick coating to 1″ of snow. These will be at random, so not everyone sees them.

  • Wind chills fall from around 0 at sunset into the danger range of 20-25 below overnight. Don’t be caught with your sleeves up or pants down. As Led Zeppelin said, it’s “gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting”.

  • Layer up for the morning Thursday. We’ll see a semblance of a recovery in the afternoon as highs rise into the upper 10s, but the wind will stay busy.

    From Thursday night into Friday, the core of the coldest air will shift offshore, allowing for moderation into the weekend. Sure, it’s still somewhat cold, but not uninhabitable.

    Quiet pattern remains intact long range. I’m not as jumpy about a storm sneaking up on us as I was last night. Seems very possible that we sail out of the bitter air with as little as a change in the upper winds. Go figure.

    Stay warm and hydrated.


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