Forecast got you down? Judging by the emails, folks want their winter…

…around Christmas. Then it can go away.

But that may not be the case this year. How about winter in February and March? I know, it’s a little far-fetched, and I am getting ahead of myself. How about we focus on the holiday forecast instead?

If you haven’t heard, it’s gonna rain. A lot. And there’s a possibility of setting a temperature record on the very day the big man teams the reindeer and loads his sleigh – or ark – to deliver toys. A juicy storm system is swinging through tomorrow and early Christmas morning, hurling the heat northbound into New England.

What we’ve seen so far is a bunch of lightweight shower activity that has come in from the east/northeast flow off the ocean. The real rain from the storm will arrive later tomorrow as a warm front tries to lift through New England.

Downpours start popping up through the afternoon and continue to cross the Commonwealth from south to north through the night. The final leg of the storm comes with the cool front on Christmas morning. Thunder is possible, but it’s not a slam-dunk. Certainly a few intense, brief downpours that could cause some quick flooding (although basements should be spared).

Winds are the other issue. Steady ramp up tomorrow, then window-rattling (don’t mistake it for reindeer hooves, kids – those are different) gusts to 40-50 late night into Christmas morning.

Speaking of, any rain will be quick to exit, with a good supply of sun for the remainder of the holiday. I like the idea of keeping the 60s around for the morning with a gradual slump back to the 50s by afternoon.

So that’s it folks. Don’t chug the eggnog (see what happened to the guy from Utah…yeesh, where’s his ((egg))noggin?), be nice to the inlaws, crush the desserts, and hug the cook for me.

Be well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!!





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