‘It’s just horrifying’: 350-pound plane part falls from sky into Milton yard

MILTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Milton residents say they’re fearful of falling debris from passing planes after a piece of a Delta airliner plummeted into a neighbor’s yard Sunday.

An escape slide fell off a plane flying to Logan and landed in Stephanie Leguia’s yard Sunday.

“All of a sudden there was this big – it was a whoosh and a blam! and we turned around and it looked like a large tarp,” Leguia said. “I lifted a flap and it said Boeing and that point, we already thought this had to have come out of the sky.”

Delta said the slide detached from a plane flying from Paris into Boston, and the plane was able to land safely at the airport.

“Delta is investigating an inflatable over-wing slide that was retrieved following an aircraft’s landing into Boston’s Logan Airport,” a spokesman said in a statement.

But Leguia said the company is downplaying the danger she and neighbors face.

“They’re minimizing that this 350-pound thing missed us by 25 feet. It could have hit anybody! It could have hit anywhere. It’s just horrifying,” Leguia said. “I’m angry that Delta hasn’t called me to apologize. They seem very nonchalant about it.”

Milton is under a major flight path, and Leguia and neighbor Kevin Brown are concerned about what will fall from the sky next.

“Honestly, I’ve been worried,” Brown said. “We have so many planes, that either a plane crash or something falling from the planes would definitely be an issue because they’re so frequent and so many.”

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