It’s Not a Loss!

While I was walking to work tonight, it seemed as though everyone I passed was talking about the weather.  From one little boy:  "It's awesome out!  I don't want to go inside EVER!" and "We really need to soak up days like this while we can!" from the pedicab drivers absorbing some rays.  It really was a top-10 day for all of us.  For fireworks shows tonight – one word:  FANTASTICAL (that's a word, I think).

We all wish we could have a carbon copy of today for tomorrow – and while we're at it, a "rinse and repeat" of today for every day now through October!  Alas, things will be changing for the forecast tomorrow.  All along, we've been spreading the news of the thickening cloud cover for the 4th.  Well, now forecast models are suggesting that a few pop-up showers are possible for the late afternoon to early evening hours.  Now, we must remember, this is NOT a complete loss… not even close!  We're NOT watching out for storms, just a few moments of wet weather here and there!  There's still an amazing holiday to be enjoyed… and any wet weather we see looks like it will wrap up before 4th of July fireworks fly tomorrow night.  Sweet.

I also must throw this into the mix:  Tomorrow's forecast really is award-winning if you compare it to last year!  Remember that?  Tropical Storm Arthur brought in a complete change in plans for the 4th of July, 2014!  We'll do much better this year.  Much, much better.  Way to go, 2015.

The timeline for tomorrow:  We could start with some sunshine very early on, but then clouds will take over between 7-8am.  We could be dodging those droplets by noon-ish.  Shower activity is most likely in the afternoon, and most likely south of the Mass. Pike (see graphics below).  Highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 70s, due to the clouds hanging around. 

Now, with all of that said – again, it's NOT a loss.  There's still a decent holiday to be enjoyed.  Plus, the weekend isn't over after tomorrow – and the forecast for Sunday is even better!  Sunshine and summer-like temps will make for great beach days on Sunday and Monday.

Stay safe (and dry) out there!  Have a very happy 4th!  – Breezy