It’s a great weekend. Tons of sun, gentle afternoon sea breezes, low humidity and the longest days of the year.

At last, summer is here. This is why we live in New England. This is what we’ve waited all winter (OK, and spring) for. This is what we have waited our whole lives for.

OK, maybe that was too much Morpheus.

Yesterday I fretted over the shower/t-shower threat Saturday afternoon, but that seems to be negligible now. Dry, sinking air is overwhelmingly in charge and it will negate any threat for wet weather. It also keeps the humidity in check.

Beaches will cool each afternoon thanks to the onshore wind, what we call the sea breeze – or, as labeled on the 7 day, “cooler coast”. This is not to say that you should stay away from the beaches. On the contrary, it’s probably the best we can hope for on a weekend in June.

Get those A/C units out this weekend too. Even though the heat will be tolerable, the humidity is on the rise next week, and I know how some of you despise the muggy air.

Enjoy, be safe, and watch for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles!


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