It’s been a long ride. This latest batch of snow/ice/rain once again had people thinking, “Will the circle be unbroken?”

As my neighbor likes to say, “It’s broked”. We sailed out of this pattern with little fanfare last night – at least for most. Check out the sampling of snowfall amounts to the right. Where it stayed all snow along and north of 495, it got a little hot and heavy for a spell, but the nasties weren’t around for long as this weather system moved along swiftly through the night.

Note the term “weather system” there. I didn’t want to call it a storm, since we never had a low pressure system to track. This was a warm front moving in, and as its name suggests, the temperatures did/are getting a bump. The high yesterday was 34 (at 9:30pm) – the first time we were above freezing since the 5th. Quite a feat after starting yesterday morning in the teens below zero.

I’d like to say we’ll melt the snow and ice dams off your roof this afternoon, but in reality, we need several days of 40+ for that. Although this is just a brief warmup, and the arctic air is coming tomorrow, I’m here to tell you in boldface caps:


Not only that, but I think we’re done for a while. Not to say that the trees will bud and the flowers will start coming out, but there’s more sun than clouds in the days ahead. With the sun climbing ever higher in the sky, snow will continue to melt in the afternoons (yes, even when it’s below freezing) so that means the pot holes and frost heaves will get worse in the coming days. It’s a good time to be in the auto repair business.

Enjoy the sun and the workweek. We’ll turn the clocks ahead in two weeks.

Spring is truly on the way now.


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