Well, at least it was above freezing, right? Boston managed to make it to 34° today. Fact is, we’re only cold because the upper atmosphere is. If you were to look at it face value, the sun angle is the same as it is in mid September. So that means a few things:

1) You can get a sunburn.

2) Our highs could make it into the 80s. (See March 31st of 1998…89 in Boston.)

3) High temperatures are typically reached late in the day – between 3 and 5pm.

Yes, it takes some time for the sun to beat back the morning cold. Especially when you start off with a dense snowpack in the suburbs. Next few mornings will aid and abet our cold starts.

But a new wind is stirring in the coming days…and it blows from the south. Yes, that’s typically a warm direction, but with water temperatures still in the 30s all around Southern New England, I’m not exactly being liberal with the 50s. Plan on 40s if you abode faces the water or you live within 5-10 miles of the water’s edge.

It’s going to take a while to warm up that big bathtub folks. Hang in there.


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