Rose McIver is in the market for some tasty fake brains.

“We haven’t mastered a recipe that is even remotely delicious,” said McIver, who stars on “iZombie,” her new series premiering Tuesday on The CW network (9 p.m. EDT).

” … They’re coconut agar, it’s like a gelatin, and then they drown them in vegetable juices and corn syrup,” she said in a recent interview. “It looks really good. I have a big spit bucket beside me so that gets well used.”

McIver plays Liv, a medical student turned zombie (viewers learn how that happened in the first episode). It’s left her lifeless and completely changed. Her family and friends don’t know what’s happened and are getting tired of her lack of interest in, well, everything.

To mask her hunger for brains, Liv takes a job at a morgue where she can feast on the dead.

“iZombie” is adapted from a popular comic book series of the same name by Rob Thomas, who created “Veronica Mars” and “Party Down.”

McIver said she “feels lucky” to be on the show.

“It’s nice because as an actor our job is to make anything sound real and sound feasible; with these scripts that wasn’t a huge challenge. … They’re very self-aware and reflective and controversial while still maintaining these really interesting, funny things,” she said.

Some “Veronica Mars” cast members make cameos on the series. “I actually have a lot of friends from ‘Veronica Mars,”‘ she said. “That’s been a lot of fun, too.”

McIver, 26, is from New Zealand. She’s excited because “iZombie” will also air there.

“It used to be that in New Zealand it was delayed between when something aired in the States and when it came out in New Zealand, but they can’t do that anymore because of the access online and people will just stream it. What’s great is everything gets launched simultaneously. … It means my family’s not sitting at home waiting,” she laughed.

Production on season one has wrapped, and McIver hopes she can fit in other work during her hiatus, like a possible return to Showtime’s “Masters of Sex.”

On that series, she plays the daughter of Allison Janney and Beau Bridges. “Good genes,” McIver said with a laugh.

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