WALTHAM, Mass. (WHDH) — Jared Remy, the son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, was charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

Remy walked into the same courtroom on Friday that he walked out of two days ago.

Remy was charged with stabbing his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Martel to death, while their four-year-old daughter was there in the apartment.

Court records and Martel's best friend said the couple has a history of domestic violence.

"I tried to help her but I guess I didn't get through to her enough,” said Kristina Hill, the victim’s best friend.

Police said numerous neighbors called 911 after they heard a fight in the couple's townhouse and saw it spill outside.

"The people who then saw the physical altercation fall out into the patio and saw this defendant on top of Miss Martel stabbing her repeatedly with a knife,” said Lisa McGovern, assistant district attorney.

"I've been in with the Remy family obviously and they are devastated. Just a very sad and tragic day for two families, the community and particularly a little four-year-old girl,” said Peter Bella, Remy's attorney.

Just two days ago, Remy was brought into court accused of assaulting his girlfriend Tuesday night, but she agreed with prosecutors to have Remy released without bail.

"On Wednesday a request was made based on information that we had on Wednesday. Obviously and tragically there was different information today Friday morning,” said Marion Ryan, Middlesex district attorney.

Martel’s family said there had been some issues with Remy in the past.

“She has had an issue with him for quite some time, with him controlling her life,” said a friend.

It was something her family was concerned about.

“She couldn’t associate with family. He wouldn’t let her go anywhere. It was like prison,” said a family member.

Martel’s best friend said she warned her to leave Remy. According to court documents, he had attacked two other women in the past and served time behind bars. Martel trusted things would get better.

Investigators also said that Remy tried to take a swing with his knife at a neighbor who tried to stop the attack. No member of the Remy family was there in court for the arraignment.

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