A key race in New Hampshire could contribute to a change of power in the U.S. Senate.

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is trying to unseat Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Brown moved to New Hampshire after losing his bid for reelection in Massachusetts.

Despite attempts to paint Brown as an outsider, the race is close.

Plenty of supporters turned out for Shaheen at her polling station in Madbury.

“We spent the last weeks and months pointing out the differences between me and Scott  Brown. I’m working for middle class families, for small business here. We know that when he represented Massachusetts he was really in the pocket of the corporate special interest, the Wall Street banks, the companies, the companies that want to outsource our jobs,” Shaheen said.

She was also a three-term governor for the Granite State and brought her whole family out to the polls.

She said her 40 years of living and serving the people of New Hampshire will trump Brown’s carpetbagger credentials.

“The voters will look today at who’s going to represent New Hampshire, put New Hampshire first, versus somebody who’s not been, who doesn’t know the state,” she said.

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