Jeep bursts into flames after violent crash with tractor-trailer in NH

DUBLIN, N.H. (WHDH) - A Jeep burst into flames after a violent crash last week with a tractor-trailer in Dublin, New Hampshire.

Everyone involved in that crash, which happened on Route 101 on Jan. 22, is currently in the hospital.

Marc and John Cramer had their dashcam rolling as their car ended up right in the middle of the flames.

“I don’t remember even braking actually,” Marc Cramer said. “Looking back on it, it was a blessing because it knocked the Jeep out of the fire.”

The Jeep veered into the opposite lane, and the collision caused the fuel tank in the tractor-trailer to ignite.

The Cramers say they hailed another witness and ran through the flaming fuel to help the driver of that Jeep.

“We had some training in Colorado before we came out here, wilderness and first aid,” Marc Cramer said. “We put him on his side immediately, and John was holding his neck the whole time.”

“The adrenaline rush just made everything really slow,” John Cramer said. “I had to take a breath for one second and just do it. We don’t know what’s going to happen, if it’s going to explode.”

The father and son managed to keep the 18-year-old driver of the Jeep alive until paramedics arrived.

“It’s like God put us there for him,” John Cramer said.

He’s now at Massachusetts General Hospital in good condition.

Marc and John say it’s nothing short of a miracle that everyone came out of the accident alive.

“It was just divine providence, I guess, that we were there at that time,” Marc Cramer said. “And we’d hope that the same providence would be there for anybody else.”

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