JFK museum in Hyannis displays new Kennedy photos

HYANNIS, Mass. (WHDH) — Many people attended the JFK museum in Hyannis to share their memories of President John. F. Kennedy on Friday.

“I was working in Lunenburg, Mass. and was a school teacher and traveling from town-to-town when I heard it on the news and it broke us up completely,” said Lucien Poyant.

New exhibits are now on display at the Hyannis museum including photos of President Kennedy’s last summer in Hyannis Port.

“That summer was filled with as many of the Kennedy summers are with lots of fun and frivolity. The president would arrive every Friday night on the helicopter,” said Rebecca Pierce Merrick, JFK Museum Hyannis curator.

At the Kennedy Compound flags were at half staff, and church bells followed a service held at St. Francis Xavier Church where the Kennedy family pew was empty.

One visitor, Olivia White, was in Dallas when the President first arrived on November 22, 1963. “I had gone to the airport to see President Kennedy arrive. Before I had a chance to get back home he had already been shot.” White said.

For many in Hyannis Friday was an especially personal anniversary. People lost not only a president but also a friend and neighbor.

You can visit http://jfkhyannismuseum.org/ to learn about the museum.