Jimmy John’s restaurant fires employees for viral video

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WHDH) — A popular sandwich chain found themselves in hot water after a social media post showed employees playing with the restaurant’s food.

Employees at a Jimmy John’s in Florida filmed themselves using dough as a jump rope. The video received negative backlash from some customers at the national establishment.

“That’s disgusting…pretty gross” said one customer Latisha Ware. “At least don’t put it on social media. Like, what are you thinking? I can only imagine what the health inspector is going to do to them at this point.”

Other customers said that though the dough-jump-rope was intended for fun, it still worried them.

“They’re having a little fun, but maybe it’s just not the right time, so maybe it would worry me a little bit,” said customer Brooke Crawford.

The employees who posted the viral videos were fired. managers at the Jimmy John’s said they would not speak about the incident.

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