A small crowd gathers in Needham, as a state representative kicks-off her re-election campaign. Some of the loudest cheers are for Joe Kennedy, III, a friend of the rep, who says he's a lot more than just a name:

“Nobody knows everything about the Kennedys,” state representative Denise Garlick said.

“Is there anything that makes you particularly like this Kennedy?” Hiller asks.

“I think it is a since that he is genuine. And that he cares about people.”

Still, almost automatically, Kennedy becomes the center of attention. People want to know more about him.

Hiller: “What are the 3 words that best describe you?”

Joe Kennedy, III: “Oh boy, um, I'm going to go with tall, redhead and probably in the words of my fiance, I wish I were handsome.”

Hiller: “The expectation is, you're going to be the keeper of the flame.”

Kennedy: “Look, all I know is, I'm running a race, it's my name on the ballot, I'm looking forward in the course of the days, weeks months ahead to earn the respect and hopefully the support of the voters.”

Hiller: “Did you have a nickname in the family?”

Kennedy: “That I can say on air?…’Joe’, uh, my brother when we were younger would go with ‘carrottop’ every now and again, and ‘freckleface.’ “

Joe the third is part of the Kennedy's third generation of celebrity politicians, a category his family created.

That's why–though he's never run, or won–his first race may already be his to lose.

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