John Kasich sits down with 7News to discuss presidential campaign

The race for the White House has been an all-out battle for the GOP candidates. 

Donald Trump has dominated headlines, but fellow contenders are not backing down. 

7News’ Jonathan Hall went one-on-one with Ohio Governor John Kasich, who admits Donald Trump is likely to win Massachusetts on Super Tuesday. 

"Well I think that Trump is going to win virtually all the states, maybe not Texas, and he’ll accumulate delegates, but for me I just have to accumulating delegates, picking them off where I can," he said. 

Kasich said he is looking for a win in Massachusetts because, "the people in Massachusetts are like the people I grew up with."

"It’s blue collar, ethnic, hard working folk," he said. 

Kasich also said it will be vital for him to secure a win in Ohio. 

"It’s going to be vital for me to win Ohio and I will win Ohio but if the people of this state, Massachusetts, give me a boost it’s going to make a significant difference, and we love coming here," he said. 

When asked whether he was shocked by Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump, Kasich said, "What is there to be shocked about in this race, everyday there’s another crazy thing that’s happening."

"Well I was kind of hoping he would be for me, we’ve been friends, but I think it’s probably difficult, I think Chris expected to do well in New Hampshire, and I did, and I think it was hard for him," he said. "I was surprised, but I wouldn’t say shocked."

When asked what he thought of the tenure of the race thus far, Kasich said he believed the "process is being lowered" by all of the insults and screaming that has occurred during debates and on the campaign trail between the GOP candidates. 

"I shake my head because we are picking not a class president but the president of the United States, the head of the free world, what disturbs me is the process is being lowered by all the insults and the screaming and the fighting," he said. 

Kasich said he thinks he will "be in the top tier" in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday. 

"If I didn’t think I would win the nomination I wouldn’t be sitting here tonight, although I might sit here tonight if I was headed to the north end," he said. 

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