John Kerry defends Iran nuclear deal: ‘We are not going to follow the example of Donald Trump’

BOSTON (WHDH) — As speculation grows that President Donald Trump could pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, former Secretary of State John Kerry defended the deal that he helped negotiate.

Kerry made the remarks while appearing at a Hub Week event in Boston.

On Friday, Trump is set to announce the decision to decertify the deal. Kerry criticized Trump’s decision as dangerous and non-strategic and warned it could isolate the United States from the rest of the world.

“There is no rationale whatsoever, no excuse,” said Kerry. “It is reckless, it is dangerous, it is irresponsible for the United States of America, the proponent of this agreement, the chief negotiator of this agreement, to turn around under a new president and say, ‘We just don’t like it, we’re gonna get out.'”

Kerry also said this decision sends a message about nuclear weapons to North Korea.

“He is giving Kim Jong Un a reason to try to have a nuclear weapon,” said Kerry. “This is really reckless, dangerous and non-strategic and that’s what people need to focus on.”

Kerry also criticized Trump on the Paris Climate Agreement, accusing the Trump administration of trying to move America backwards.

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