‘Joker’ impersonator arrested after video shows him stealing restaurant tip jar

(WHDH) — A man dressed up as the “Joker” was recently arrested after security camera video showed him stealing a tip jar from a restaurant in Toronto.

Timothy Lubin, 29, is facing a theft charge after police say he entered Wafels & More wearing face paint and green hair resembling the infamous “Batman” villain, according to the Toronto Star.

Restaurant owner Christophe Stevens shared video on Facebook of an interaction Lubin had with a cashier before he grabbed the jar and walked out.


“Summer is approaching and the thieves are back,” Stevens said in the post. “I was waiting for Batman to save the day but he didn’t show up.”

Stevens told police that he was seen Lubin roaming the Kensington Market area before, the news outlet reported.

Other area store owners have also reported encounters with Lubin.

He was expected to be arraigned Monday.

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