Last week I shared my hopes and fears with you regarding the month of June (see “Say Something ((June)) I’m Giving Up On You”). Happily, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t seem like a repeat of 2009….not even close, in fact. How am I so sure? It’s been drier than normal (not wetter like in 2009) recently, and although we will still see our share of “quicky” cooldowns, they don’t seem to have the legs to keep the gloomy weather locked in perpetuity.

Crisis averted? Seems so…this year. Although I will still say that there’s no 90 degree days ahead, and 80s will still be an exception. Need not look further than the 7 day forecast for proof of that. Lots of 70s – and who’s complaining? – and a few duds in the 50s and 60s – which seem to be right at our doorstep.

Part of the reason for the cooldown is the wind direction. Decidedly onshore or east through the Thursday. The other ingredient in the cool spell is the rain. Steady batches early tomorrow, then a burst of heavy rain on Thursday.

As a weather buff, I have to take pause on that Thursday storm system. Potent, compact, fierce even. Drops its rain in a matter of hours, then vanishes in the mid-afternoon. Tidy little system, but enough to wash out the morning commute with rainfall amounts that could approach an inch plus. Odd thing about this system is that it’s so small, the weather models have been bobbing and weaving the rain all over the place. Confidence, therefore, remains low on who get the watery bullseye.

Whatever the outcome on Thursday, we’re drying out the late week and the weekend. Warming trend ensues on Friday and carries through Sunday.

Have at it.

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