Jurors see video of Gary Sampson attacking prison worker

BOSTON (WHDH) - Convicted killer Gary Sampson was back in court Wednesday, where jurors viewed video of him attacking a prison worker in Indiana.

Sampson was found guilty of murdering three men back in 2001 and was sentenced to death. A judge later overturned the verdict due to juror misconduct and his legal team is now seeking life without the possibility of parole in his re-sentencing trial.

The video viewed by the federal jury was from May 2011 when Sampson was in prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. In the video, a worker was seen trying to deliver food to Sampson in his cell before Sampson’s arm could be seen coming out of the door and trying to slash the man with a sharpened broomstick.

Prison worker James Hughes testified that he told Sampson some special commissary orders he wanted were not being delivered and Sampson got mad.

“He got very irate and started cursing at me,” said Sampson.

Sampson admitted he murdered the three men in a multi-state crime spree, slashing and strangling two drivers in Massachusetts and then heading up to Lake Winnipesaukee, where he attacked a handyman mowing the lawn at a house he had broken into. He then gave up and drove to Vermont. Jurors also heard audio of Sampson calling 911 and telling the dispatcher he was turning himself in.

“I’m in a lot of trouble,” Sampson could be heard telling the dispatcher. “I don’t want to get shot. I don’t want to get killed.”

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