BOSTON (WHDH) - The woman accused of causing a crash that killed a toddler in South Boston in 2018 is awaiting her fate as the jury is set to resume deliberations Wednesday morning after hearing from the defense Tuesday.

The prosecution said 67-year-old Charlene Casey is guilty of motor vehicle homicide, arguing she stopped at a stop sign on East Sixth Street then accelerated into the intersection without looking both ways. Prosecutors said she then hit the van, sending it crashing into two-year-old Colin McGrath, his sister and their caretaker.

“The presumption of innocence is here, with Ms. Casey,” Casey’s defense attorney, Steve Boozang, said Tuesday afternoon. Boozang blamed the crash on the driver of the van.

Police said the van, driven by Michael Racioppi, had the right-of-way, though he had been driving 5 mph over the speed limit.

“He was rushing, he was distracted, he was speeding,” Boozang said. “[Casey] did everything that day she was supposed to do.”

Prosecutors argued the case was more straightforward than the defense poses.

“Ladies and gentlemen, use your common sense,” prosecutor David McGowan said. “Trust your life experiences, and apply them to the evidence.”

The prosecution argued Casey stopped at the sign initially, but continued before looking both ways.

“But for Charlene Casey’s negligence, Colin McGrath would be alive,” McGowan said.

The court visited the site of the crash earlier Tuesday. They later heard from the Defense Witness as well, a driver on L Street, who had stopped to allow Casey to cross, and said the van was going too fast.

“The RPMs of that engine was going up,” Kevin Bui, the defense witness said. “Like someone was stepping on the gas. It had to have been at least going– at least– 20 above the mile limit.”

Jurors saw surveillance video from the chain reaction crash last week. The video shows the nanny pushing Colin’s stroller just before the moment of impact. People inside a nearby shop then jumped into action when they saw what happened. Prosecutors said Casey caused the crash.

Casey is charged with motor vehicle homicide and has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, Casey could face up to 5 years in prison and lose her license for 15 years.

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