Another day, another light band of snow scooting through Southern New England.

Tired yet? Take a number.

We’ve clearly moved out of the firing line in terms of big storms, but these little ones are killing us softly. An inch here, two inches there. The pattern wants to hold, but I see it moving farther away from winter in the long term.

And why not? March is two days away. It’s a forecast that is bound to come around, right? Recall the cold last March, that hung around for the entire week and made spring wait…and wait.

Can’t guarantee that again this year, but we certainly aren’t fast forwarding to the 50s and 60s. Cold looms on the other side of the fence in Quebec and Ontario. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

In the meantime, we get a break. We’re quiet into the weekend with a weak weather system coming through Sunday to drop another inch or two. This time however, we’ll get a bump in the temperatures Monday. I’m seeing highs in the 40s! “And that’s not all…”

Another storm system will come in on Wednesday, and although it may have a band of snow at the front end, it shows signs of really warming us up. I’m shooting for mid 40s by afternoon. Overall, the pattern is altering a bit next week. Note in the jet stream graphics to the right that the cold shifts more toward the Plains than into the Northeast. This will allow for warmth to build in the Deep South, some of which we’ll be able to tap into with the inbound storms.

That should put a little spring in your step.


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