WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A local custodian is cleaning up on laughs and becoming a social media sensation.

Jimmy Cash spends his days cleaning up spills and taking out the trash at a Worcester elementary school but, once class is dismissed, he is on the hunt for laughs on TikTok and on the stage at local comedy clubs.

“It just started to snowball it started to pick up followers people just demanding more content,” Cash told 7NEWS.

Cash said he always dreamed of doing comedy but, when he had his daughter, he took a job as a janitor to get a steady paycheck. However, his creative itch never subsided and when his daughter got older, he started doing stand-up and making YouTube videos

Early on in the pandemic, she told him to get a TikTok, where he incorporates his day job into his comedic content.

“I know every in and out of it so I have just endless amounts of stories to tell or different aspects or perspectives of the job that people wouldn’t think of you know,” he said.

Cash’s hilarious videos have millions of views and though he says he’s not quitting his day job yet, he’s not giving up his comedic dreams either.

“I’m gonna keep working on the stand-up act and just keep banging out content and see where it goes,” he said.

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