Just the Messenger

Um… What?!  Did we really just put January 2016 in the books with a final day well into the 50s?!  AMAZING.  Though, very odd for this time of year.  Climatological "norms" would have afternoon highs in the mid 30s – but we were already above that early this morning!  So 20° above "normal" it is, I guess, for the last day of January.  Feels a little confusing, but then again it was 69° on Christmas Eve.  

Alas, here we go with another temp boost into tomorrow.  Overnight tonight our temperatures won’t get below freezing and most of us wake up to temps in the low 40s which is above our "normal" highs for this time of year!  In fact, the record warm low temp for Boston is 44° (1989) and we will challenge that.  Highs in the afternoon will also be challenged (see graphic below).  There won’t be as much sunshine as we saw today, but I do believe it will be a nice sunrise!  

***Oh, by the way, the sun is now rising before 7:00am!  Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 6:58am.  Gainin’ daylight, baby.  We can all jump on board with that, right?!  :c)

Highs for February 1st will top out in the mid to upper 50s, with even some low 60s mixed in there.  We’ll have a touch of a breeze out of the west, 10-15mph.  A cold front moves through in the afternoon/early evening which could pop some isolated showers.  I give this about a 20% chance, as most of us stay dry and we’re not talking much rain here (<0.10").  Yes, I did say "cold front" just then, but the "spring tease" isn’t done with us just yet.  We stay well above normal on Tuesday (mid 40s), just cooler than Monday.

For the real wet weather, we have to wait until Wednesday.  Temps are on the rise again, challenging records – but the day is not as enjoyable as Monday will be.  We’ve got some gusty winds in store for Wednesday, and about 0.50" to an inch of rain for most.  Could even be some rumbles of thunder and embedded heavy downpours here.  Another cold front moves through Wednesday, and we’re back into the mid 40s for Thursday (but still above normal).

I just want to put a disclaimer in here, even though I’ve said this several times before:  You know that meteorologists don’t CONTROL the weather, right?  The groundhog doesn’t either.  I mean, you say you know that we have no control – but do you really know that we are just the messengers?  Okay, okay… I know you know – but there are some people who are still even willing to offer bribes for some snow.  I am not Elsa from Frozen, and to be honest with you – I’m good with wearing my Sperry Topsiders around Boston this weekend.  BUT – being an empathetic person, I do understand your pain, Snow-lovers.  It is still winter, after all… and you bought that new snow-blower after last winter… and you really want to break out the new skis, and you’re just dying to scrape the windshield off early in the morning.  I’ll tell you, the feelings about this abnormally mild weather are split 50/50.  Some love it – Some hate it.  Again, I am just the messenger, but it looks like there’s something to please everyone in the coming month.  That is to say, we can’t close the books on winter just yet.  A pattern change looks to be in store, and we’re in for colder temperatures by the end of the week.  Does snow come along with it?  Time will tell… Have a great night!  – Breezy