‘Justice for my daughter’: Salem mother wants driver who hit daughter to come forward

SALEM, MASS. (WHDH) - A teenage girl was struck in the street by a car in Salem now her mother is calling for action.

Joy Bramer said she was heartbroken when she saw a video of the moment a car slammed into her daughter while she was riding her skateboard last Tuesday.

“I don’t want that to happen to any mother,” she said.

The surveillance camera at Marcelo’s and Sons Auto Repair in Salem captured it all. The video shows the driver on Aborn Street, which does not have a stop sign and the 17-year-old coming down Ord Street on her skateboard.

“She cried, she cried when she saw this video and me too,” Marcelo Pinto said. “I feel bad for her for what happened and after she said the teenager was okay. She was just, you know, in pain. “

Pinto remembered hearing a loud noise and said he ran out to help but it was not clear what had happened at first.

“First of all, I asked the driver what happened and she told me she got hit by the skateboard,” he said.

The driver never got out of the car and fled the scene in seconds.

Bramer said her daughter did not tell her what happened at first but the pain became too much to bear.

“She knows no skating on the street and go home before dark. And she’s a teenager just having fun with her friends so she’s been very hard on herself. She’s blaming herself,” Bramer said.

The girl’s mother said that even if it was an accident, the driver never should have left the scene.

“You know it’s a crime you hit the person, I just want justice for my daughter,” she said.

7NEWS reached out to Salem police for a comment on the investigation but have not yet heard back.


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