‘Justice needs to be served’: Wife of man killed in Worcester crash begs other driver to come forward

WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - The wife of a man who died in a violent car crash in Worcester said he was sideswiped by another driver, and called for that person to come forward so justice could be served.

Hamad Jaber, 50, was driving his 18-year-old daughter Serena home from their family business when their Jeep left an elevated ramp to I-190, catapulted over a barrier, and landed upside-down on I-290 below. Serena survived with scrapes and a concussion — but had to witness her father’s death.

“She pleaded for [first responders] to help him, ‘Help my dad, please please,’ but there was nothing they can do,” said her mother, Rabab Jaber, adding that her husband was loved across the community. “It’s devastating.”

And Rabab said Serena saw a tan, older-model car strike the Jeep right before the crash, but didn’t get the license plate. She’s calling for the driver of that car to turn themselves in.

“You killed my husband, you’re not going to bring him back but justice needs to be served,” Jaber said. “If it was an accident and you didn’t mean it … I can’t say anything else, please come forward. We just want closure.”

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